Design Of The HR Strategy

Do you know that there are two critical questions that you have to ask yourself while managing the human resources?

First one is, do you give place to the HR strategies in your strategic plans? If "yes", the second one is how compatible is your HR strategy with your organization?

We all know that strategic resource use and management is the way to continue sustainable competition in all sectors where rapid and dazzling change and competition have been experienced.

The capital, system and technology are not an important superiority tool for the organizations or they do not create a long lasting and permanent superiority in the competition, but the most important resource is the employees.

The underlying important reason is that the employees and their skills are not easily imitated.

It is indispensable that the business organizations need to be managed with a strategic business approach and activities about the targets and how to achieve them and organization's future projections shall be planned in order to manage this resource effectively and productively.

We design your long term human resources strategic plans and implementation steps about setting, extending, applying, and updating upon revising the human resources strategies to secure to fulfill your company's strategic objectives and comply them with your strategic business targets while managing your human resources.

The output of these;

- HR Current Case Analysis and Report

- HR Critical Success Factors

- HR Strategic Plan

- HR Strategy Map

- HR Strategies and relevant KPI's

- Sub strategies and tactics supporting the HR strategies