HR Metrics

Do you measure the value you have created at the Human Resources Management?

HR managements have to use metrics that would provide the effect of the business results to the executives of the organization in balance with the companies finance and comprehensive for the sustainable competition today.

The results have to be concrete to see that organization takes correct directions and follows an accurate path for reaching the business strategies. However, these measurements can only be possible with the effective metrics.

The measurement with the HR metrics for showing the human resources productivity which is the most valuable asset and investment for the organizations and their added value and productivity of the investment on them is one of the important tools in the new generation HR management.

We create an organization where the efficiency of all HR processes can be measured by designing the metrics which can evaluate the results of the Process Performance Indicator with respect to the HR processes.

The output of the work;

- Specifying the HR Metrics

- Creating the HR Metrics data base

- Defining the relation with the processes